Reverses Course

Everything you need to know about reverses.

Reverses are a fundamental part of our bidding, and one of opener’s only two forcing rebids. It’s essential that we understand how they work and how the auction proceeds.

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Reverse auctions can be tricky

  • What is a reverse?
  • What hands qualify for a reverse?
  • How does responder bid after a reverse?
  • How do you avoid reversing when you have the wrong hand?
Adam answers all these questions and more

In this interactive course, which includes two video lessons, each with a quiz, and Adam’s clear and thorough written explanation of reverses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be reversing like a pro!


Reverse Course

Detailed Videos

Two videos, covering the basics of reverses and how to plan out the auction to avoid reversing when you shouldn't.


Each section has a quiz to reinforce what you have learned.

Lesson Document

Adam's complete writeup on reverses.

Included Modules

13 min

What do reverses look like? How do they work? How does the auction proceed?

Planning Your Rebid
10 min

To avoid a reverse when you have the wrong hand type, you often need to plan your rebid before opening the bidding.

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