Teaching Services

Adam offers a variety of teaching services. He works hard to tailor a program to the specific needs of each student. He does one-on-one teaching, partnership coaching, small-group lessons, and large-group seminars.

Playing Lessons

We all know that one of the best ways to get better at bridge is to play with someone better than you. It’s even better when that player is an excellent teacher. Adam plays regularly with students in online games. You can play with Adam at sectional, regional, and national tournaments or in club games.

Individual Online Teaching

Individual online instruction is the best way to learn and the best value. Lessons take place on Shark Bridge and last between one and two hours. You talk with Adam on the phone as you play, so he can get a sense of your thought process and steer it in the right direction when it goes astray. Lessons can be general or can focus on a specific topic or convention with which you are struggling or feel you could use some extra practice.


Partnership Coaching

The same online teaching format can be used for partnerships; many couples who play together regularly find this beneficial. You each get a little less personal attention this way, but you get the added benefit of working on your partnership. Individual coaching and group teaching are more about instruction; partnership coaching is more focused on the partnership aspects of bidding and defense, and making sure your agreements are sound and thorough.

Seminars/Group Lessons

Adam teaches seminars online and across the country on a variety of topics. These seminars range from small groups of 4-8 people to much larger groups and are usually a combination of lecture and play, with discussion of the boards as you play them. Seminars usually run around three hours, but can be tailored to suit the students’ or organizers’ needs.


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