Online Classes

Adam currently teaches
two online classes at Learn Bridge Online:

The Expert Thought Process
Mondays at 10am ET. 1 hour, $40 for 4 weeks

Thinking Through Declarer Play
Thursdays at 1pm ET. 90 minutes, $55 for 4 weeks.

Both classes focus on improving your thought process.

The Monday class is a webinar-style class that covers bidding, defense, and declarer play. Adam likes to discuss “Page Two” of conventions you already know—the details and follow-ups you never learned. Adam will frequently play through hands, both as declarer and defender, and talk through his thought process. All classes are recorded, so you can enjoy them even if you can’t attend live. Subscribers also have access to a six-month archive of lessons!

On Thursdays, you play hands from real life against robots. After everyone is finished, Adam plays through the hand card by card as he discusses his thought process. There are no set up “lesson hands” where you’re looking for the teacher’s trick; these are all hands from actual play—hands that Adam plays with students or at tournaments—that he finds interesting. These classes are also recorded, and the hands can be played throughout the following week on BBO or any time on any program that can load a PBN file.

You can get information about both classes here. If you subscribe to both, you get a $15 discount—$80 for both classes! And you can get 50% off your first month using the code PARRISHTHETHOUGHT.


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