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Everything you need to know about preempts.

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Preempts raise a lot of questions:

  • What does a preempt look like?
  • How do seat and vulnerability affect preempts?
  • How do you respond to your partner's preempt?
  • How do you bid over the opponents' preempt?
  • What is Lebensohl after a weak-2 bid?
This course answers all these questions and more.

In 4 lengthy video lessons, each with its own quiz, Adam tackles all aspects of preempts, from what they look like and when to make them to how to deal with preempts by the opponents.

Preempt Course

Guided Content

Follow Adam step by step through the world of overcalls. Over 4 lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know about preempts.

Detailed Videos

4 video lessons on all aspects of overcalls. These include choosing when to preempt and how high, taking into consideration seat and vulnerability; responding to your partner's preempts; and dealing with the opponents' preempts.

Lesson Documents

Adam's signature lesson writeups.

Course Tracking

Follow your progress. Stop any time and pick up where you left off.


Quizzes follow each lesson to reinforce what you have learned.

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